It's All Right, 'Cause it's Saved by the Bell Thursday!

The best part would be if I have already done this one (entirely likely) and forgot.  Whatev, we're doing Nurse Jennifer today.  That's what she said AND that's what Zack said.  To Kelly.  Meanie!  Okay, here's what happened:

Zack has finally won Kelly's cameltoe favor and things are awesome.  She wants to go steady and everything is perfect, right?

WRONG.  Nurse Hatcher, or whatever her name is, goes crazy and starts giving flu shots to the flag pole, In walks Nurse Jennifer with her lush bangs and tiny nurse's "coat", and drives poor Zacky wild.  So much so that he thinks it is a good idea, as a 15 year old, to dump his also 15 year old girlfriend in order to go after a 30 year old.  It makes total sense.  Zack encourages Kelly to meet new people while Zack goes to the nurse's office to put the moves on his lady fair...

Wait - is this the Melvin Nerdley episode, too!?  It can't be.  That's too much plot.

So in Zack goes, hormones a-blazin', to seduce "Jen", and in a hilarious twist of fate, Slater is in the office, too!  He pretends to be Nurse J and totally dupes Preppy into thinking true love is about to bloom.  In the meantime, Slater tells on Zack (jealous much, Slater?  It's not Zack's fault you wear low-cut tanks) to Jennifer and she "teaches him a lesson he'll never forget!" 

That could be a drinking game.  Just saying.  They say it ALL the time.

So Jennifer pretends she is married to a psycho killer (qu'est que c'est) wrestler and scares Zack away and then I think Kelly dumps him for Melvin Nerdley and his lambada moves and then in the next episode it's like none of this ever happened.

But what REALLY happened??

Nurse Jennifer
Nurse Jennifer (played by Nancy Valen) was a school nurse that showed up for only one episode during sophomore year to replace Nurse “Blind-as-a-bat” Butcher. Zack decided to scrap his plans for a steady relationship with Kelly in order to pursue a romance with Jennifer. However, Jennifer was aware of the plot and managed to frighten Zack away by coming on to him and saying that she needed to escape her violent husband who is a professional wrestler (which may or may not have been true).

Okay, LOVE this.  It may or may not have been true!  We'll never know!  I feel like this woman is in SO many random things and I always yell "Nurse Jennifer" when she is onscreen and nobody knows but me.  But we need more episode info...

From Nurse to Worse
Just after Zack asks Kelly to go steady with him, Zack falls for the new school nurse, leaving Kelly out in the cold. Things go from bad to worse for Zack when both the nurse and Kelly find out which results in Nurse Jennifer scaring Zack by tricking him into thinking she's a homicidal maniac, and Kelly dumps Zack for another guys and gets her revenge too.

From Nurse to Worse!  Oh, Jennifer, we love you, your long hair, your dress you pretend is a t-shirt, and the way everyone thinks you are hotter than Kelly. 

Zack! Your Cosby sweater! Woof!
 Yours in giant bangs,

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  1. Do you have a video clip of this by any chance?? The part where Slater is pretending to be the nurse?