Easter lowdown

Okay, Easter was nice.  That is all I really have with regard to that.

The big thing that was going on, secretly, in my head, was that I was convinced I was dying.  Let me explain.  I neeeever get headaches.  Never.  But starting on Thursday, I was knocked on my a$$ by a headache like I've never had.  The only logical reason that I could come up with that I was having these headaches at all was that I, too, had an amangioma, like Jordan did in the later episodes of Crossing Jordan.  After much secret stress and desire to have lovely skin like Jill Hennessy, I saw an Allegra commercial and realized that MAYBE my headache was not in fact a non-lethal tumor wrapped around my carotid artery, like Jordan, but allergies.  So I took a pill and then was fine.  BUT I was beside myself for four days, which I realize is beyond dumb, but whatever.  I'm fine now and probably need some wine.

Easter was cool this year, so the outfit situation was less than ideal.  I had some awesomely loud Lilly Pulitzer for both Bink and myself, but we basically ended up in jeans. 

Okay, now I am going to the gym.  I know.  Vom.

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