Okay, what do your kids eat?

Bink is a good girl.  She is full of sass and class and would NEVER say anything like "sass and class" but probably would think it was funny if I didn't say it.  But I am still stuck on what to feed this kid.  Thoughts?  Here is what she will eat:
  • Fruitsies - those ridiculously expensive fruit pouches.  She would exist on them solely if she could.
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Chicken SOMETIMES
  • Sweet potatoes SOMETIMES
  • Toast with cream cheese (vom.  I hate this one)
  • Hummus (which she definitely calls hummus yummus)
  • Raisins
  • Waffles
  • Turkey breast
  • I think that is it.
Ideas?  Anyone?  She is normal size and all of that junk, but I feel like this SUCKS.  Also, she HATES pasta.  Yeah.  So, okay.  Gimme menus and gimme wads of cash.  Fine, just the first one.

Yours fruitsies,


  1. Don't forget oatmeal....

  2. My kid is a super-picky eater. He lives on mainly peanut butter & honey sandwiches and pizza. Usually I make the pizza, though, so it's pretty healthy. I'll make it on an English muffin, a bagel, or on biscuit dough, if I'm feeling extra-fancy. Pizza is good, though, because you can sneak all kinds of stuff in there. If red or yellow peppers are on sale, I'll chop 'em up really tiny, freeze 'em, and put 'em on pizzas, under the cheese. He doesn't even know he's eating them! Mwa-ha-ha! (evil laugh)

    His favorite food is actually quiche, but it takes a bit more effort, so I don't make it every day. I would recommend trying that for Bink, because you can sneak stuff in that also. Just buy the pie crust and fill it with eggs, veggies, and cheese. I have a great recipe if you want it.

    Oh, also--my kid will eat most meat, but I have to force him and he will only eat it with ketchup on it. :(

  3. Here are a few staples in my house:

    -Dr. Praeger's sweet potato, spinach and broccoli Littles. They are really tasty, and they get some veggies in under the guise of being kind of like a potato pancake.

    -Veggie burgers. They come in so many varieties. Try a few. We like the classic Gardenburger and the Veggie Medley.

    -Rotisserie chicken

    -Baked beans (to start, then move on to chick peas and black beans and kidney beans as finger foods)

    -quesadillas, with yummies inside, like sweet potatoes, other veggies, chicken, and lots of cheese

    -pierogies (maybe she would think these are like pasta? but they are filled with potato)

    -Ian's makes a good fish stick tha looks like a fishy and is a "fish nugget". She might like that.

    -Squeezy yogurt (though since you didn't mention yogurt above, I assume she doesn't like it already). We sometimes freeze these and then it's like eating "ice cream". Hmmm.

    -We always mix peas or lima beans in with the mac and cheese

  4. These are AWESOME suggestions and I am shopping for all of this ASAP. These are things I never would have thought of, but I know she will love. This is why we all need to be neighbors. Thank you SO much, guys! This is awesome - J, she does love yogurt, I forgot about that one :) xoxo