What up Thursday?

You know how sometimes you wake up and it's a great day?  Today is one of those days.  I requested my June vacation time off, I signed up for a makeup class (Trish McEvoy!  It is going to  be awesome!!) and tonight I am not making dinner. 

OH, and I am reading a book that I love thus far.  The Paris Wife - READ IT.  So far, it is pornish for me because I think I am a female-and-not-talented-or-THAT-crazy Ernest Hemingway.  I love him, I don't care if it is clichee (I say this because I would read this and be like "Um, shut up you are annoying.") and at least in the beginning of this book (that's where I am, don't tell me the end if you read it) and I want to make love to "In Our Time" I am so obsessed with it.  So yes, for me, it is pornish. 

In college, my two best friends and I were on "Team Thursday".  Regardless of what was going on, every Thursday we would bust out our fake IDs, get really dressed up in sl^tty black pants and keep our money in our bras, and get really drunk and have so much fun.  There was even a point when two of us were not speaking for a while, and we STILL did Team Thursday and it was still awesome.  Oh, to be nineteen and dumb.  But I definitely feel like this is a Team Thursday sort of day - exciting and fun.  Except I am at work and will be going home to a 19-month-old-tomorrow and probably spend my evening watching Peppa Pig and reading mermaid books.  Both scenarios are equally fun.  Right?! :)

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