Is this inappropriate?

Hello, little chicks.  How have you been?  I have been busy trying to do things instead of watch TV and read people.com all day, so forgive the absence.  Do you love me again?  Do you know that this is a paraphrased quote from the second-funniest SNL skit ever: Philip the Hyper-Hypo?

(Note: THIS is the funniest one ever)

Anyway, I have a moral question to put to you that of course I know the answer to, but would like to draw attention to.  It is a big problem.

Yesterday at the gym, I saw  two...

TWO of them.

My biggest issue was that while, yes, I saw them in the locker room and not the actual gym area, using treadmills or whatever, I saw them in the bathroom area.  Barefoot.  It is bad enough to have to see that, but additionally, wet bare feet on a public bathroom floor?  No WAY.  I call shenanigans and this should be outlawed. 

Yours in prudish horror,


  1. I just realized that I quote most of that SNL skit all the time, and I never even realized it. "I'm a hyper-hypo!". All. The. Time. It's etched into my subconscious.

    I have no idea what the deal is, but some women looooove being naked at the gym. I used to go to a gym in LA where rich people go (the hubby worked there), and so many rich, dignified women would just hang out with their beavers out--drying their hair, talking to their friends, whatever. It's SO weird. I'm all for not being ashamed of your body, but there should be a time limit of how long you can remain naked in public.

  2. Oh! And there is an itty bitty chance that I will be moving to Philadelphia soon. If that happens, you and I will have to meet up somewhere in the middle (NYC?) and spend a day together creating inside jokes. Word?