The Hibernation Diet

Okay, so over the weekend we went to an AWESOME festival that Bink loved and we loved and they had whoopie pies eight inches across.  SO much fun.  There were tons of booths and crafters and fun stuff like that, and there was a guy selling honey, so we bought some.  We were talking to him and he mentioned that his daughter did something called "the hibernation diet", where you take a spoonful of honey before bed, and your liver maintains it's function, you sleep well and you lose weight.

Say what?  You mean you can eat something sweet, sleep, and lose weight and become superstars like these chicks?

Saved by the Bell - 02x09 Jessie's Song

Fine.  So we started doing it.  Husband has had no effects, I have been sleeping like the dead and having REALLY weird dreams.  But I'm feeling rested and eating a LOT more, which is probably a win-win for everyone, right? 

Obviously I do not know anything about, well, anything, so who knows what the deal actually is, but better sleeping is always nice, so there you have it.

When I am a frail Olsen twin next week, you will know why. 

One, two, three, BEND!  One, two, three, STRETCH!

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