Best Commercial Ever

Sometimes commercials just get to you and change your life. They alter a generation irrevocably, never to be the same. If you grew up in the New England area in the 1980's, you will totally know who "Chow Daddy" is. If anyone can find this commercial I will give you a million dollars OR say thank you. We've discussed how awesome the Tropicana Robert Loggia commercial is, and guess what? It's STILL awesome.  Anyway, those are the classics, here's a new one to be obsessed with.

It reunites Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone. I really, really hope you've seen it because otherwise we've got nothing to talk about. Kidding. We can talk about Saved by the Bell, too.

Seriously, have you seen this? I had a conniption when I did, I was that excited. Also let's talk about how Bob Saget is totally FILTHY and it's amazing.

For your viewing pleasure...


  1. OK this is the FIRST time I've seen this commercial and I had to watch it 55 more times! Sooooooo funny. And yes Bob Saget is filthy, ew!

  2. Minxy, you and TB need to come to my house and play my Full House boardgame. And then we can play my 90210 board game. And then Sweet Valley High while consuming massive quantities of Stump Jump. xo

  3. Hahahahaha! Thank you for this! I'd never seen it either!

    I saw John Stamos in the audience at the Oscars and wondered how he got invited, and now I know EXACTLY how: this is quality work!