All Right, Stop What You're Doin, Cause I'm About to Ruin... My Kid. Crap.

Did you know that Humpty Hump/Shock G is like a REALLY accomplished musician and producer? I did not. Do you think he's wearing the nose? Right now?

Anyway, I broke my kid. Here's the deal. Baby Boy was "sleeping" through the night - going to bed perfectly, sleeping, yelling but I wasn't getting him, but then getting up at 4:50. I don't know what it is, but if he had slept 20 more minutes, even 15, I would be okay. Getting up before 5 is BRUTAL. It destroys your soul. Studies have shown it. Well, the study I have conducted on myself in my house over the past 2 weeks, anyway. So last night, he started SCREAMING at 2:55. I broke down and gave him a bottle, which I had stopped doing, gave him a bottle, he sucked it down, fell asleep, and proceeded to scream until 5:13 when I finally got out of bed and got him.

It may be teeth, who knows, but I am TOAST. I probably shouldn't have gotten him, but I couldn't listen to the yelling anymore and I thought he'd go back until, like, 7:00, which is what he used to do.

So I'm calling in the Think Tank. Yes, you. What do you think? How would you proceed tonight?

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  1. I ahve tried to reply to this THREE times and blogspot hates me and won't let me. Here I go again.

    Okay, so you HAVE to ignore him. Have to. He doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night and he should not be thinking it's okay to wake up before 5. There will be a few awful days of screaming and suckitude and waking up Bink and using every fiber of your being not to go to him. But JUST DON'T DO IT. Put it ear plus. Make your husband hold you in the bed.

    And then when 5:00 comes (early, yes, but he might be starving, so okay), turn on the light, say good morning, do a dramatic wake up. He'll get the idea. And then you can move it later in increments.

    Stay strong. Don't get him. Basta! Enough!

    Sending you all the love and strength I can. Yooou caaaan doooo ittttt!